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My name is Anthony, I am the founder of the Partnership Academy. Whether you are a call center agent or a publisher, we have a number of programs to help you make great money promoting and selling our products but growing as we grow together.

I am committed to helping you achieve your goals and I want to thank you for your time reviewing this information. We believe in building around customers with great partnerships with our affiliate marketers and publishers. The most important aspect of our relationship is delivering great products and services to our customers. That's why we design and create our products as if it is for our own use prior to delivering to our customers to ensure it works.

3 important aspects and characteristics we’re looking for in our new marketers

A Need for Achievement - This characteristic is personified by the desire to work tirelessly in pursuit of a goal. Kobe Bryant’s hunger for greatness is a perfect example. He makes millions of dollars every year and could easily put his career on cruise control. Instead, he practices like a hungry rookie rather than a satisfied veteran. This is not to be confused with the need for approval, which is actually an undesirable trait for most sales positions.

Competitiveness - This trait is marked by a person’s unstoppable drive to outperform and an incredible will to win and it does not need to be isolated to the work environment. It could be illustrated by a candidate’s admission that he can’t stand to lose a game of Monopoly with friends, or that he turns everything — from playing basketball to raising money for charity — into a competition. Don’t confuse athleticism with competitiveness.

Optimism - This trait is one of the most important drivers of inside sales success, yet sales leaders often overlook it. The reality is that outbound lead generation reps and marketers — regardless of your roles or responsibilities — must deal with frequent rejection and adversity. If you lack the optimism to overcome those hurdles, you are not likely to last very long. The best outbound lead generation reps are certain that they will not be denied. For instance, when a prospect hangs up on or berates an outbound marketer how do you respond? Do you laugh, go to the next phone number on your list, and keep calling? Or do you get angry and sulk in the corner?

1. They want to grow sales but they don’t have enough opportunities in their pipeline.

2. Their sales are complex and require extensive legwork from their sales reps to navigate elaborate businesses or bypass numerous gatekeepers, which leaves them little time to do their own prospecting.

3. They are trying to expand and they need more information about new markets.

4. Their sales process needs recalibration and could benefit from more interactions with, and feedback from, a wide range of prospects.

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